Grendene, founded by Alexandre and Pedro Grendene Bartelle, was born in the city of Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul in 1971. What once began as a small plastic packaging factory, Grendene eventually evolved and became Brazil’s largest footwear manufacturer. Today, Grendene is a company that offers a wide range of products and brands within the adult, adolescent, kids, and baby markets. The brands include:

  • Ipanema
  • Rider
  • Grendha
  • Melissa

Since 1984, Grendene products have been present in the world’s main footwear market. Currently its brands can be seen in more than ninety countries.

Grendene’s investments into its industrial complex and cutting edge technology have created first world factories, all of which follow international production standards. There are a total of thirteen factory units throughout Brazil, seven of which are located in Sobral.

Creativity and individuality are key elements to Grendene designs. Grendene’s greatest sources of inspiration come from the Brazilian beaches and streets, along with the exuberance of the Brazilian people. Grendene’s designers look at more than just the footwear and fashion markets for the latest trends, but at all elements that affect and inspire people all over the world.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
Grendene offers products that carry social and environmental responsibility without sacrificing quality. With its eye on the environment and the future, Grendene recycles and reuses 100% of the PVC waste generated by its factories. Additionally, water that is used during the production cycle is also reused. In all, 99% of industrial waste created by the factories is recycled or reused.

Grendene’s social involvement is also a main part of who the company is. Some of the actions that are continually performed include:

  • Social inclusion work for persons with special needs
  • Partnerships with non-profit institutions that provide motivation towards environmental education and preservation
  • Organized speeches, programs, and support towards improved family administration
  • Programs to educate on disease prevention and to encourage healthy living habits

Total Quality
Grendene has established a rigorous quality control process to ensure the highest quality of product is produced. All materials and components used in the production of Grendene products are thoroughly evaluated and tested using the national and international quality standards as parameters.

Commitment to Employees
Grendene is strongly committed to its employees’ quality of life. In additional to providing extensive training and education to encourage professional growth, Grendene provides extensive benefits for their employees and families. Some of these benefits include medical and dental care, full-service cafeterias, transportation, and food supplies. The support and benefits provided to the employees are fundamental in making a strong company and product. Grendene’s main competitive advantage is not the company’s machinery and equipment, but all the people that make up Grendene.

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    Innovation and creativity are imperative to a successful brand. Our designers are continually creating new ideas.

  • Grendene

    What once began as a small plastic packaging factory, eventually evolved and become Brazil’s largest footwear manufacturer.

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